Digital transport solution for companies and individuals

Digitalization of the transport market as an opportunity

Whether it's a small business or a large group, Trading companies, the loading and transport industries, all receive a new dimension of efficiency increase in transport management, through our services. We simplify and automate the essential communication between the consignor, carrier and goods recipient. In the process, we reduce the administrative workload by more than 50%.

Pickwings offers its transport partners the opportunity to digitise their fleet at no charge, in order to save costs and optimize the utilisation of their vehicles. They can also offer their customers additional services such as real-time dispatch tracking, automatic empty container and damage management and much more. Cost-intensive as well as troublesome paperwork is completely taken away from the carrier. This allows the transport partners of Pickwings to concentrate on their core business, efficient transport.

Pickwings - Your digital transport partner

The challenges of new and modern transport solutions have grown steadily in recent years in the area of the shipping industry. With the developed solution from Pickwings, the shipping and transport industry is able to make the transition to digital change.

Our service embodies three main requirements:

Easy access to means of transport

Market needs

We provide simple and fast access to existing transport resources to the shipping industry in order to make their deliveries more efficient and cost-optimized. Using a dynamic price model, which is based on an algorithm, we can calculate flexible real-time prices based on the available transport resources in the regions.

Driver tracking


By continuous tracking and electronic monitoring of the processes, we shorten and optimize the connection between shipper, carrier and receiver to a minimum. With our developed technology, we automate and introduce old-fashioned and traditional transport processes into the age of digitization.

CO<sup>2</sup> savings


Approximately 25% of all trucks on the streets are running empty. This causes a large amount of unnecessary CO2 in our environment and a massive increase in traffic on our roads. With our development we enable the transport dispatchers to quickly and directly arrange vehicles in the immediate vicinity of a shipper. This means that CO2 emissions and unnecessary unloaded mileage can be reduced.

Efficient transport thanks to tailored technology

The transport network Pickwings is the digital solution for shippers of goods of all kinds, adapted to today's requirements of a modern transport service provider. All orders are processed digitally from pickup to delivery and the corresponding billing. Thanks to the driver app, which our transport partners use, you always have an overview of your transports in your shipment management. Whether it is shipment tracking in real-time or automatic creation of the delivery note, all actions are documented at any time without the inconvenience of paperwork. We continuously optimize and improve our processes. So we can offer you high quality standards, reliable service and favorable transportation rates. With our technology, we promise our customers less effort and more revenue.