Become a transport partner

We will accompany you to the future of the transport world

The platform makes it possible to display the vehicle fleet of transport companies in real-time, and to immediately deliver shipment volume electronically from consignors / consignors. This is how we form the largest online transport network in connection with the loading industry.

As a transport partner, you can join Pickwings free of charge, thus get quick and easy access to the extra load of your vehicle fleet. After a thorough examination of your organization, you will be given access to the platform by our support team. As soon as you are registered with us, you can search for suitable orders which are on your routes or supplement them.

You benefit from our modern IT system, which supports your scheduling as well as drivers. In real time, you will see new available transport assignments, which your dispatchers can assign to their drivers with one click via the app.

Pickwings takes over the automatic communication to the shipper as well as the subsequent invoicing. In this process, the exchange of empty containers, damage management, etc. are handled without the inconvenience of paperwork. Pickwings helps its transport partners minimize the number of unnecessary empty running and generate additional capacity for their fleet.

Reduce your empty trips and become part of the digital transport network of Pickwings!

Became a transport partner