Carrier FAQ

My drivers don't receive push notifications

Ensure that the Pickwings application is allowed to receive push notifications. Android: Settings> Application Manager> Pickwings: "Show notifications" iOS Apple: Settings> Pickwings> Messages: "Enable notifications".

What is Pickwings?

Pickwings is a digital transport company. With the help of which you can increase the utilization of your fleet and become more profitable. We will also take over administrative expenses and billing for you. Pickwings is 100% free of charge for you as a transport partner.

Is Pickwings a freight exchange?

No, Pickwings is not a classic freight exchange. Our services go far beyond those of a freight exchange. We are your contact person from order acceptance to delivery. Furthermore, we offer very helpful tools for you as a carrier, for example, with the empty containers exchange and the damage management. It is our goal to optimize your utilization and processes so that you can transport more efficiently and profitably.

What is the difference between Pickwings and a classic carrier

Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies, we are able to optimize processes and thus reduce costs and increase efficiency. Pickwings optimizes your utilization and thus reduces the unnecessary unloaded mileage. At the same time, we reduce your administrative effort by taking over the billing and all administrative tasks for you.

How do i become a transport partner of Pickwings?

We are always looking for new, reliable transport partners for the steady expansion of our network. Please contact us so that we can initiate the admission process 044 533 04 90 or send an e-mail to
After successful verification, you will receive your access data for the Pickwings Portal.

What expenses will arise for me as a partner of Pickwings?

Pickwings is free of charge for our transport partners, there is no additional costs for your normal operation. You will receive your Pickwings account for your dispatchers, as well as the mobile app for your drivers for free.

How does the billing process work?

For each of your successful transports, you will receive the amount displayed in the Dispo- Cockpit. The credit will be generally collected every 21 days to your bank / post account.

Where do I receive the delivery slip?

You can download the delivery slip in the Dispo Cockpit. This does not have to be given to the driver in printed form. All data relevant to the transport are automatically transferred to the driver on his / her smartphone / Pickwings app.

For which phones is the driver app available?

Pickwings supports Google Android smartphones or tablets, as well as iPhones or iPads from Apple.
Android: minimum version 4.1
iOS: minimum version 8.0 onwards

Does Pickwings have local restrictions?

Pickwings currently only organizes transports within Switzerland.

Is Pickwings interested in my feedback?

It is a great concern for us to constantly improve and adapt to the requirements of the market. Therefore, your feedback is very important to us. Please do not hesitate to contact us and send us your feedback. We are available for you under 044 533 04 90 or by e-mail

Unanswered questions?

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