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Drive for us

Digitalization of the transport market as an opportunity

What drives us!

Market needs
We provide simple and fast access to existing transport resources to the shipping industry in order to make their deliveries more efficient and cost-optimized. Using a dynamic price model, which is based on an algorithm, we can calculate flexible real-time prices based on the available transport resources in the regions.
By continuous tracking and electronic monitoring of the processes, we shorten and optimize the connection between shipper, carrier and receiver to a minimum. With our developed technology, we automate and introduce old-fashioned and traditional transport processes into the age of digitization.
Approximately 25% of all trucks on the streets are running empty. This causes a large amount of unnecessary CO2 in our environment and a massive increase in traffic on our roads. With our development we enable the transport dispatchers to quickly and directly arrange vehicles in the immediate vicinity of a shipper. This means that CO2 emissions and unnecessary unloaded mileage can be reduced.

Our team spirit!

Diesel in our veins
The passion and persistence for long-term goals. We always give our best, even when faced with major challenges.
Admit mistakes and recognise for improvement. Do not reinvent the wheel, but always believe in improvement.
Believe and work on solutions and do not look for problems or excuses. Produce results with clear goals. Be a professional in your field and develop your skills.
Positive energy, proactive learning, ask for work and behave like a founder and entrepreneur.


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