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Questions and answers for shippers

What is Pickwings?
Pickwings is the first digital transport platform in Switzerland. Pickwings allows you to transport general cargo, partial and full loads. Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies, we are able to optimize processes and offer you a favourable tariff model.
Where do I find the tracking-link of my shipment
Log into your account and select the shipment. You will find the tracking link at the top left of the shipment details. In addition, you received the link by e-mail after completion of the dispatch.
Is Pickwings a freight exchange?
Pickwings is not a freight exchange in the classical sense. We are a transport portal that brings together shippers and carriers with the most modern technologies. In this way, we increase efficiency in the process and generate a high cost saving. During the entire transport, we are available to you as a contact person and make sure that the transport goes perfectly.
What differentiates Pickwings from a "normal" transport supplier?
Thanks to the use of modern technologies, it is possible to optimize all processes of a transport. This increases efficiency, transports faster and is easier to use. With us you will receive a definite price information for the transport within seconds via our price calculator. Just send the order for your transport to us online and we will take care of the details. The transport is carried out by our verified transporters.
How does Pickwings assure quality?
All carriers working for us have been verified by us for their quality. Furthermore, the shipper as well as the receiver can evaluate the service of the carrier / driver. In addition, we have automated evaluations regarding punctuality and damage management.
How do i get a price for my transport?
Our online price calculator gives you a reliable price quote at any time. If all the necessary information about the transport is recorded, you will immediately see the definite price of the transport. For extended tariff information our team is gladly personally available to you via our hotline.
Can the price for a transport change?
Normally, the prices are definitive and binding. Additional costs can arise in exceptional cases, for example, during long waiting times for the driver during loading and unloading. Or if the details of the shipment were not recorded correctly. For example, six pallets were transported instead of four pallets. The additional costs will be charged according to our general conditions.
Which carrier is transporting my shipments?
We work with various local and national transport companies, which are verified by us. Our goal is to find the optimum transport partner for the transport, in order to save costs for all involved partners and to minimize unloaded mileage from the driver.
How is the delivery slip created?
Pickwings automatically generates a delivery slip for each order. This contains all information relevant for the transport. The delivery slip does not have to be printed for transport, Pickwings works 100% paperless. The driver of the transport has stored all the important data of the shipment on his smartphone. Important: Always label each package with the recipient address and the pick-up number of Pickwings.
What does transportable packaging mean?
All consignments which are sent via Pickwings must be packaged in a transportable manner. This means that all goods which require protection on the surface must be wrapped with plastic foil or cardboard. The better its packed, the more unlikely it is to be damaged during transport.Important: Label all packages with the address of the receiver and the Pickwings tracking number so that they can be clearly assigned.
How are the Pickwings services billed?
Corporate customers receive an invoice after transport or can settle the transport with a credit card. For private customers the only possibility to have a transport is with payment by credit card.
What about data protection?
We adhere to the strict Swiss privacy guidelines. The security of your data is our top priority, so we do everything we can to ensure that they are dealt with due diligence. For more information on privacy, please see our privacy policy All data are encrypted using the same technology as Swiss banks use.
Are my credit card payment information at Pickwings safe?
We do not store credit card information with us. Your credit card information never reaches our server. We are not authorized to view or save this information. Our payment provider stores your credit card information. It is PCI Service Provider Level 1 certified and meets the strictest requirements for credit card payment providers.
How does the empty containers exchange work?
We have integrated the empty containers exchange into the pick-up and delivery process. This allows us to keep the customer balances 100% digital, and you can always get the balances and debts at the click of a mouse.
Does Pickwings have local restrictions?
Pickwings currently only organizes transports within Switzerland and Liechtenstein.
Is Pickwings interested in my feedback?
We are very interested in your feedback. It is very important to us to improve constantly. If you have feedback on procedures, technical adjustments to the driver app or the dispatcher tool, please do not hesitate to contact us. Furthermore, we are always interested in general feedback from the transport world. Please contact us. We are available for you under 044 533 04 90 or by e-mail info@pickwings.ch.