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Professional tools for dispatchers and drivers

Professional tools for dispatchers and drivers


At Pickwings, your dispatcher receives new transport real-time orders in an easy-to-use online dashboard. In this way, you reduce E-Mails, faxes, and unnecessary telephone calls for the processing of transport orders. With one click, the dispatcher decides whether to accept or reject the shipment. All orders are assigned according to the principle 'first-come, first-served'.

Dispatch shipments

By simply assigning the shipments to the app of the responsible driver, all necessary, shipment relevant information is automatically transferred to the driver’s phone. There are also other helpful functions integrated, such as 'Dispatching via Hub'.

Empty container management

Thanks to further functions in the disposition tool, the empty container exchange of pallets, frames, and lids is also covered. Furthermore, the empties balance is automatically cumulated per customer and prepared in the documentation. In the integrated claims management, all damages can be monitored in real-time, and if necessary your claims department will be informed immediately and automatically by E-Mail.

Shipment management

In the order management area, you can easily retrieve processed shipments. Necessary details, such as the recipient's signature, electronic delivery note, and noted damage, etc., can be tracked directly.

Driver management

The dispatcher can view his assigned drivers via the driver management system. Helpful functions for communication with the driver have also been included here.

Easy to use mobile app for your drivers

Driver app
The app serves as a tool for your drivers to document shipments and as a signature device.
The application runs on smartphones and tablets equipped with the Google Android or Apple iOS operating system. The drivers track the empty container balance on-site at the customer's premises and describe or photograph any damage in the claims management system. All necessary data, which the driver enters in the app for the recipient and shipper, are immediately forwarded electronically to the proper departments, such as transport scheduler, empty container department, or claims department. At the same time, the client and recipient of the consignment are also automatically informed.
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